Air Race – A test ride to his dream


Earlier this month, April 2nd to be exact, my kid and I went to Enchanted Kingdom. Thanks to the company sponsored tickets! 😀

It was his first time in an amusement park. We don’t usually go to amusement parks because he usually refuse to go to the mini versions in malls. So I thought, it just something he is not interested in.

The first ride we saw was EKstreme Drop Tower.  Since the queue was just short I asked him if he wanted to try it. He immediately said “Nah, I am afraid of heights Ma.”

So, we continued to roam and I saw another ride with few people in line, the Up Up and Away. I asked him if he wanted to try it and he agreed. I lost count how many times he said OMG, called my name and grabbed my arms while we where on the ride. He happily survived! 😀 He kept saying, “Next! Next! Next Ma!” His acrophobia suddenly disappeared.

After several steps, we saw Air Race. Let’s try that Ma! I want to try if I can be a pilot someday.” We immediately fell in line. While waiting, he kept asking me if I can do it. If I am definite that I can ride Air Race, without hesitation I said Yes (hiding my nervousness) 🙂 . Then he asked, “Do you think I can do it?” trying to boost his confidence I replied, “Of course!”.  “I might cry after this” was the last thing he said and up we go.   🙂

Experiencing happiness through a child’s heart is indeed priceless experience. We were twisted 360 degrees and swinging sideways while circling clockwise. This ride isn’t for the faint hearted. I wanted to reach for my son’s hands to make sure he is okay but unfortunately his hands never left the security handle. 🙂


We lived through the ride! ahhaha! His reaction was “That’s it Ma?” with head’s up high and a bragging tone but with googly eyes. I am so happy we’ve gone through this crazy test together. I cant wait to see that cap turn into a Pilots hat. As of right now, I don’t know how I will I be able to send my son to an aeronautics school. I am praying constantly with God’s grace his dream will come true.

Someday we will celebrate and I will salute my very own pilot. As of the moment, all I can afford is to celebrate this success with Ice cream!  ^_^



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    1. WanderDea says:

      Thank you for taking time to read and liking my posts! 😀

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  1. What wonderful memories you made. I’ll bet your son will remember it forever.

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    1. WanderDea says:

      Lori, thanks for taking time to read my blog. 🙂 I am constantly praying and aiming for that. ^_^

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